product designer


EXO Travel, Locomotive, GovernGPT, Orgtomic

Independent Product Designer (Contract), 2023-Present


Mid-level Product Designer, 2022-2023


Founding Product Designer, 2020-2022

EPAM Continuum

Graduate Intern, 2019


Hello there! My name is Sean. I'm a digital product designer. Over the past year, I’ve worked with startups to build their app from the ground up, or scaleups to bring their app to another level. I’ve worked in a solo capacity, but also as a member of design-mature teams. It brings me immense joy to see businesses be impactful and purposeful through my work.

End-to-end product design

  • UX design, design system

  • User research, research planning, Research synthesis

  • Design research, competitor research, design benchmarking

  • Project planning, stakeholder management

  • Rapid prototyping, interactive prototype

Work style

  • Sync or async communication

  • Clear documentation

  • Transparent communication

  • Design process improvement

  • Iterative and retrospective

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