Idea validation, rapid prototyping and building out the MVP for GovernGPT’s AI automated investor updates tool








2023 - Present

About the Business

GovernGPT is a YC-backed startup that aims to help asset managers modernise their fundraising and investor relations by automating investor updates like due diligence questionnaire (DDQs) and request for proposal (RFPs) with AI.

Asset Managers who raise money from institutional investors need to fill out questionnaires in various formats for customer acquisition and retention. Most of these answers already exist and need to be manually kept up-to-date. The status quo requires a lot of manual searching and copy-pasting, which leads to time away from higher-value fundraising activities.

This is where the tool being built by GovernGPT steps in. A tool that automates finding fresh answers, maintenance of the database, and intracompany communication. With the tool powered by gen-AI and purpose-built for asset managers, it cuts out the “busy work” from fundraising.

In a way, I achieved for founders what the product does for investment companies—eliminating the "busy work" from idea validation and feature development.


The founders spent a lot of time building these initial ideas, which gets iterated upon fairly quickly due to the nature of being an early-stage startup. The process of idea validation needs to be carried out at faster speed. Much of the code would’ve gone wasted and most importantly, the founders time too. So I do two things for them:

  • Idea validation via rapid prototyping - I supported GovernGPT throughout their early-stage feature validation stage by rapid prototyping feature ideas for market and user research. It was to loosen up their capacity on spending highly valuable resources at building features for experimentations in the early-stage of the company.

  • Design for MVP implementation - Once the ideas are validated with potential customers, the design would have to be quickly implemented. I supported the founders throughout their journey in the capacity of an end-to-end product designer. Like all projects, I make sure to put together a design system with that is scalable, long lasting and outlives it’s designer.


Some of the features I designed, prototyped and prepared for development were:

  • Answer Discovery - Users can easily locate answers to questions by referencing existing documents within the database. This feature provides access to historical data, enabling users to find relevant information dating back several years.

  • Compliance Approval and Feedback Flow - Upon selecting the preferred answer, users can seamlessly submit it to Compliance for final review. This streamlined process significantly reduces the time required for Compliance approval.

  • Manual Assistance Flow - In situations where AI suggestions are not applicable or sufficient, users have the option to seek assistance from human experts. This feature facilitates collaboration among team members, ensuring that complex queries receive the attention they require.

  • Public Site Content Analysis - Users can conduct batch reviews of content published on public platforms such as the company website and blog. This analysis feature allows for comprehensive evaluation and management of publicly available information.

Results and Impact

Some of my proudest achievements while working with GovernGPT to date include:

  • Reduced the idea validation process from weeks to days, enabling the founders to test ideas with potential customers through interactive prototypes.

  • Iteratively built out the MVP to meet evolving user needs.

  • Successfully secured the first B2B client soon after initiating the process.


As most of the work is very recent, I’d like to keep it private until they are shared publicly by the team. I will share them here in detail. In the meantime, you can find out more about the company or keep an eye on their progress at the links below.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the co-founder at GovernGPT, who has since become one of my best ambassadors of my product design service. As mentioned in another project, this is the most rewarding and a great testament to a service well delivered!

Note 💬
If you’re a business or hiring manager, this project is summarised and may not have dug into the details you might be looking for. I’d love to share more about any specifics of this project that may relevant to your context process, drop me a message and let’s chat!

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