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About the Business

Orgtomic is a Kuala Lumpur-based seed-stage startup in the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) domain, founded by seasoned HR entrepreneur and a high-calibre software engineer in the similar space. 

The startup aspires to enable companies to construct comprehensive skills and people maps for visualising their people data. It’s web application provides features like Org Charts, People Directory, Skills Maps, and other contemporary HRIS functionalities.


I collaborate directly with the co-founders, who possess extensive experience in HR and recruitment, on 2 things.

  • Idea Exploration - We brainstorm innovative concepts and explore potential solutions to address challenges in HR and recruitment.

  • Feature Development - Building upon the generated ideas, we work on developing features that enhance the functionality and usability of our product, ensuring it meets the evolving needs of our users.


During my time with Orgtomic, the features I helped to design and developed include:

  • Org Chart Tool - Developed a dynamic Org Chart and Org Map to visualise organisational growth, track remote hiring, diversity targets, and drive employee discovery. This tool allows users to visualise people by department, location, division, function, and team, with the ability to apply filters and tags for better data visualisation.

  • People Directory - Integrated a People Directory to facilitate employee discovery and engagement, enabling users to easily search and connect with colleagues across the organisation.

  • Employee Profile Page - Designed and implemented an Employee Profile Page where employees can build public profiles highlighting their skills, interests, cultural highlights, hobbies, and training needs. The fully searchable profiles utilise Orgtomic's unique contextual search functionality.

  • Custom Field Wizard - Developed a wizard to guide users in creating customised input fields on employee profiles, allowing organisations to overlay business-critical data such as SAAS metrics, sales targets, and personality profiles.

  • Skills Mapping - Implemented a feature to understand the skills available across the organisation and create a skills matrix for teams, offices, and projects. This feature helps identify skills gaps, opportunities, and matches talent supply to business demands using a taxonomised Global Skills Dataset.

  • Global Working Hours Chart - Designed a Working Hours and Time Zone Map component, enabling users to conveniently view the present time of other colleagues relative to the person in view, facilitating global collaboration.

  • Global Search - Implemented an always-available search feature allowing users to find the right person, discover specific skills and competencies for projects and teams.

  • File Import & Parsing - Developed functionality to import CSV files and parse the relevant columns, streamlining data input processes for users.

Results and Impact

  • Building out the core features - being able ot design and implemented all the features required to produce an MVP.

  • Secured a round of funding - The development and implementation of all the features so far contributed to securing a round of funding that helps to validate the value proposition of the product.


The highlight of my work at Orgtomic was the rapid collaboration with the co-founders to explore and develop features. It began with prototyping early-stage ideas, evolving into a recurring cycle of feature development. Additionally, I had the opportunity to closely observe a skilled software engineer in action during the process of building a feature-rich platform.

Note 💬
If you’re a business or hiring manager, this project is summarised and may not have dug into the details you might be looking for. I’d love to share more about any specifics of this project that may relevant to your context process, drop me a message and let’s chat!

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