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2023 - Present

About the Business

Heyimwill was born out of my own observation of the pain caused by the lack of estate planning around me. Most adults don’t have a will. Those who do are often the ones who have experienced the complications of a loved one passing without one. Many people assume the default asset allocation upon one’s death is sufficient. However, an hour of preparation can prevent hundreds of hours of post-death turmoil for their loved ones.

Heyimwill serves as both a will builder and a matchmaking platform for estate lawyers and individuals seeking to create a will.


The platform serves two primary functions, and the objective is to develop features that can achieve both of them.

  • Will Builder - The objective is to enable anyone to easily create their first will through a simple and straightforward will builder. The success metrics for this function would include the number of wills built and exported using the tool.

  • Referral Platform - As users' wills become more complex over time, or as their asset and family dynamics evolve, they may realise the need for professional guidance. Despite the availability of will writing services, they are often underutilised, as lawyers prefer to focus on legal work rather than client acquisition. Heyimwill aims to bridge this gap by serving as a platform to connect users with high-intent customers directly to service providers.


The features that were included in the MVP and designed and implemented are as follows:

  • Assets List - Users can select assets from a list of commonly owned assets, including real estate, stocks, and digital assets (cryptocurrency). They can fill in the necessary information for each asset by dragging and dropping them into the list.

  • Unique Forms - Each asset leads to a unique form with a different set of form fields. The editor guides users along the way, indicating the essential information needed for each asset.

  • Distribution Instruction - Users can determine how they would like their assets to be distributed among their beneficiaries or leave specific instructions if needed. They can choose to distribute assets equally or by percentage.

  • Asset Tracker - As users input the value of each asset, the tool becomes a central place to have an overview of their assets. It also allows users to plan the distribution of their assets among beneficiaries more easily, as they are shown in dollar terms. This feature increases the long-term stickiness of the platform with users.

  • Connects with Estate Lawyers (coming soon) - As users' assets grow and the complexity of their needs increases, the tool will provide an easy transition from self-serve to a referral platform. Users can easily connect with a professional will planner or estate lawyer. Once connected, the professional will have access to the information users have already inputted, saving time on initial information gathering such as asset lists, beneficiaries, and distribution instructions.

Results and Impact

  • Fully implemented the web app within set timeline

  • Lead to potential onboarding of several estate lawyer and financial planners as service providers


This is a personal project I am most proud of. As I have coordinated the production of the web app from the ground up, fulfilling roles as both product manager and product designer. Recruited freelance software developer to assist with the project.

Note 💬
If you’re a business or hiring manager, this project is summarised and may not have dug into the details you might be looking for. I’d love to share more about any specifics of this project that may relevant to your context process, drop me a message and let’s chat!

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