Reducing bathroom water usage through data awareness and friendly motivation




Product Design





This app, along with the faucet and shower-head are a concept of changing user behaviour through hard and soft solution. Water seems abundant, it is a challenge to convince people to take less bath and shorter shower. This concept proposes two ways of doing so, convincing user through data presentation and create friendly competition in water-saving.

Onboarding Sreens

Individual Bathroom Details
Perhaps shortening something would make you a better eco-warrior?

Personalised Suggestion
Backed by users’ data, Trickle will give you suggestion on little improvements you could do to reduce consumption one small step at a time.

A little bit of competition doesn’t hurt. Competition among friends encourage one to better oneself. It’s quite an achievement to be the most environmental friendly water user in the neighbourhood isn’t it?

Smart Suggestion
For example, users are notified that they could save 20 litres of water and 20% on energy bill if they shorten their weekend bath by 4 mins and have a hot to cold water ratio of 1:2.5 (Running at maximum temperature of X minutes then cold water for Y minutes.)


Roca Jumpthegap / Behance / trickle.faucet