Eighth design in a collection for Chudeng


Industrial Design


Timothy Fr├ęgeau



Inspired by botanical architecture, this lamp showcases the rich arborescence achievable by a light fixture, using a small range of modules put together into a large family of variations.

This small version makes use of the smallest parts of the chandelier module, and allows to fit the height of tight spaces in the most comfortable way.

This rib-like edge creates a symmetrical surface that is only perceived when the reflections on the metal seem to stop, further enhancing this contrast with a hard rupture, the way a leaf is structured.
Representing the picking of a fruit in a tree, the sphere serves as the perfect shape, balanced, edgeless and weightless. This enigmatic silhouette is just as fascinating when the lamp is on or off.
Like the network of a tree, the branches sprout endlessly away from the core, occupying the space in the simplest yet efficient way. These arms here also morph into the leaf that holds the light.=
The design of this version shows that the head rests upon a morphed half pipe that is punched into the base, giving it structural lightness and plays with reflections in an interesting way.
Using the same light-holding module, this model stands on itself with a tripod-like pipe-bending, making most of floor space, while keeping a relatively minimal volumetric impact.