Encouraging good rider behaviour through reward and incentive






Final Year Project




The rise of dockless shared scooters came quickly. Though, they don’t fare well in cities. In just a few weeks after introduction, we can already the poor scooters burnt, vandalised and thrown into the canal. As part of my electric scooter project, I attempt to design and propose an App that can help the people to be good riders, guided by reward and incentives, an attempt for a behavioural change. To have the shared electric scooters integrating into cities as a sustainable last-mile solution.


Have an app that encourages good rider behaviour. Make it making it easy, attractive and rewarding to do so.

A reward is the recognition of an effort or achievement. The anticipation of a reward convinces one into taking an action.

  1. Rider can stop anywhere
    For when they are in a rush.
  1. Or be guided to the nearest dock/designated parking area
    Riders are encouraged with incentives (discount, score, credit).
  1. Effortlessly good behaviour
    Being a good rider should be fun and rewarding.
  1. Quick view of available
    scooters and docks

    White cubes are scooters; Black cubes are docks.
  1. Auto Navigate to nearest scooter
    Reduce time taken in deciding which scooter to take.

Misbehaviours may be reported
Bad parking, vandalism, damaged vehicle, accident can be reported. User may earn points from a successful report or deducted points if reported.



Good behaviours are rewarded
Smart algorithm takes into consideration of every measurable factors, in order to produce a score which would decide the amount of rewards given to the user (discount, credit, cash).