Seamless online and in-branch UX with multimodal mobile, web and kiosk app.




Product Design





Public Bank is the second-largest bank by assets in Malaysia. It has been “moving silently and slowly” in its digitalisation efforts and it “tends to be behind the curve when it comes to digital banking”. Though the bank takes pride in being slow but cautious, it does believe the appeal to a digital-savvy younger generation is a priority.


Having been a long time customer of the bank myself, I have experienced the outdated online platform design and saw room for improvements at the branches. The current web and mobile app is cluttered with features hidden beneath layers tabs and pages. The in-branch experience includes mostly queueing, forms filling and overly displayed sales ad.

Current in-branch, mobile and web app experience
Pain Points
  • Time lost in queuing for customer inquiries and ATM
  • Limited opening hours
  • Poor interaction with machines (queue ticket)
  • Poor interaction with employees (miscommunication)
  • Outdated and cluttered mobile and web application design
  • Time lost in searching for a specific function in web and mobile app, only few services/features are used regularly
  • Frequent forms filling and having to return to the queue multiple times
How is bank app used?

94% checked a balance or recent transactions
58% transferred money between accounts
48% deposited a check using the device’s camera
47% paid a bill
36% located the nearest ATM or branch

Most FrequentlyOccasionallyRarely
Check BalanceBlock card (Lost, Stolen)Report unapproved transaction
Check latest transaction on current accountRequest new cardUpdate contact details
Fund Transfer (Personal, Regular, New)Check investment (FD, Stocks)Call customer service
Pay Bill (Electricity, Internet, TV)FAQ
Scheduled Payment (Rent, Loans)


  • Clean and Decluttered
    As mentioned earlier, the application prioritises and displays features most useful to each user. The kiosk replaces the dreadful in-branch customer experience. No more long queue, difficulty communication, confusing forms and irrelevant promotions.
  • 5As: Always Available and Accessible. Anywhere and Anytime.
    The all-in-on kiosks at the branch provides a dedicated space for customers to do banking. The customers may also prefer to use the mobile or web application if he prefers, as the in-branch and online experience share the same platform.
  • Smart Search Bar
    Use the search bar as if communicating with a physical bank employee. The search bar is able to know the user’s intention quickly and navigate to the function.
  • Familiarity through Personalisation
    The customers may log in through contactless bank card. Upon logging in, their personalised homepage is shown automatically, where they can immediately proceed with their intended activity. The customers may also interact with the application at the comfort of their most fluent language (Malay, Chinese, Hindi, English are widely spoken in Malaysia).
  • All-in-One Kiosk
    The self-service kiosk carries additional features over both mobile and web application. Ex. printing forms, cash withdrawal/deposits.
  • All-new in-branch experience
    The self-service kiosks arranged tidily in-branch. Offline banking process is made quicker and free of any distractions, unnecessary procedures and uncomfortable environment.

After identifying the pain points of the online and in-branch experience. I looked into the possibility of a simpler solution that could bridge the two. An app to provide a multi-modal digital experience, a solution not limited to a single platform, like a familiar virtual assistant available whether your in-branch or out of the branch.


1. Clutter-free, personalised, one-stop
Minimal, rapid and reliable. Prioritise features and information that matters to the user the most and hides away the rarely used features.

2. Intermediary between online-offline services
Like a virtual liaison between the customer and bank employee.

1+2. Always available, In-app and in-branch
An essential application designed for online and in-branch self-service usage. Wherever the users are, they can interact with the same platform and interface. The sense of familiarity is further enhanced through personalisation.



  1. Home
    The most commonly used features for the specific user is arranged in the order of their priority. Customer /in-branch employee may change the interface language instantly with the button on the top right corner. Personalised search suggestions are available above the search bar.
  1. Balance
    A simple tap reveals the balance or any information that does not require additional screens.
  1. Transfer
    Based on the user’s previous transfer history, recipients are suggested instantly. Ex. Frequent transfer, reoccurring transfer, recently added contact, etc.
  1. Transaction
    A quick view of the user’s latest transaction. The App may suggest specific promotion/offer based on the user’s past transactions. Targeted marketing reduces the workload of the in-branch sales staff.
  1. Search
    Users may interact with the search bar as if interacting with a bank employee in person, write or speak in their own language. Request prediction, ex. User: “I just lost my card”, Suggested Action: “Block Card”, “Request Replacement”.
  1. In-Branch kiosk
    UI that works cross platform. A familiar screen in-branch eases user stress. Mobile and Kiosk integration enables Handover features.